lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011


Judith, my wife, went for her work to Slovakia. She had a good time, working hard and having a bit of heart and body warming drinks at night, sort of a tea she claimed. (Taking a girl from Andalucia to lower temperatures is pretty much a torture). My love decided I would like the drink so she brought me home a bottle of ‘Tatratea’ from the highlands of Tatra. Does it taste like Tea, you ask? well…once your throat and esophagus are doused from severe burns in the 3rd degree it sort of resemblance the taste of Nestea (can’t define if its peach or lemon dashed). I had one and a half glass (you gotta make sure) and decided it’s better to photograph the bottle, which is a beauty in itself I think… Techtalk: Backdrop is an (dirty) oven-plate with a gridded sb-800, Softbox over camera, 2 stops under for fill. Main light is a diy striplight made of an umbrella box with multiple layers of the Lee’ frost-filter, highlighting the logo and text…. Have a great

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