martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

Going both to school

Since about a month I am experimenting a lot with my Nikon f2.8/70-200mm VRII using various iso’s and just existing light. I say existing because the term ‘available light’ is a bit of a misconception since any sort of light, including flashes, is available light when it is within your reach. Pulling out your speedlight out of your bag is using available light right? (sorry can’t come up with the name of the photographer who actually said this)


 Anyway, starting my career in the studio made me bring in lights all the time when shooting portraits in and outside. Looking outside voor nice directional light for a portrait without bringing tons of flashes, or just one for that matter, is and has always been a challenge for me and taking my continously developing journalistic approach in account it was about time to do something about that.


Shooting in not always the best light conditions due to different schedules of events and such AND sometimes not being allowed to use flash as well made me push myself in trying to work without a flash; just using existing light, higher iso’s and making use of natural reflections of walls and the floor for example. I can tell you, just carrying a camera and a lens and not worrying about the flash is liberating. This is what usually happens:…test…check LCD….changing settings a bit…..shoot again…..moment lost. TTL is a great solution but does not always work in your favor giving different circumstances. This is fine (up to ‘shoot again’) in a fixed and predictable situation but not in a rapidly changing and unpredictable one. So while walking Marcos to school yesterday morning I slung my camera with the 70-200mm over my shoulder and went to school as well. Keeping the morning sun behind Marcos or from behind to the side. Iso was varied between 800 and 1000 and camera mode was Aperture Priority and the aperture was set at f2.8 to keep the background out of focus Marcos is pretty used to being photographed and always wants to check the pic on the back of the camera afterwards. A bit of a hassle but its good to talk to about it ;P – V

lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011


Judith, my wife, went for her work to Slovakia. She had a good time, working hard and having a bit of heart and body warming drinks at night, sort of a tea she claimed. (Taking a girl from Andalucia to lower temperatures is pretty much a torture). My love decided I would like the drink so she brought me home a bottle of ‘Tatratea’ from the highlands of Tatra. Does it taste like Tea, you ask? well…once your throat and esophagus are doused from severe burns in the 3rd degree it sort of resemblance the taste of Nestea (can’t define if its peach or lemon dashed). I had one and a half glass (you gotta make sure) and decided it’s better to photograph the bottle, which is a beauty in itself I think… Techtalk: Backdrop is an (dirty) oven-plate with a gridded sb-800, Softbox over camera, 2 stops under for fill. Main light is a diy striplight made of an umbrella box with multiple layers of the Lee’ frost-filter, highlighting the logo and text…. Have a great

¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Adoracion

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