viernes, 30 de mayo de 2008


Gordon Haslett, diciembre 2007
Retratos con iluminacion de flash anular formada por un flash metz 45 CT1 y un molde para bizcochos, ver abajo

lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008


Gordon Haslett, abril 2008

New blog, all about photography and related stuff. As a team Anda-Luz we are still struggeling to all access the blog :-). But we are getting there. Thanks to Phil for his first entry the blog officially started. Paul is trying hard to sign in and the others Pablo, Pepo and Gordon will follow I presume.
Recently my life changed concerning the use of flashes. I came across this blog amazing stuff. Its all about using small strobes like the nikon Sb-800 and its counter canon speedlight. It changed me so much on assignments, no more heavy (for me) and intimidating (for client) big monoheads and packs. just 2 stands and two sb-800 will do the trick. I found that this big usa corporate photographer David Tejada is using it and also Nat geographic Joe McNally...not the tiniest photogs outthere.
Anyway find it out for yourselves

Pretty soon we have our shared exhibition in Ateneo and I hope to promote this blog there as well as seeing people there

Thats it for now, take it easy and get well soon