viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Home in Ronda

Dear friends of mine build their own house in Ronda, Andalucia. With the help of a stylist they designed the house themselves. Its surrounded by an olive yard and it's got amazing views over the valley and surrounding mountains. When we met up with them a few weeks ago to see their new home, I decided it had to be photographed. So last Wednesday I headed out there again and thought it was a great idea to try out some new stuff and revive the Hosemaster (lightpainting machine from the filmdays). Instead of using the actual Hosemaster I used a single flash, remotely controlled. I made a whole range of exposures from before to after sunset to have a leeway of base- exposure and sky. After sunset I started to 'paint' with my flashlight. Every flash is a new frame and both my flash and camera are fired remotely. In the studio I loaded the frames I needed in photoshop, and made al my adjustments. And slowed down my computer that much that I could go shopping and wash the car while the file was saving. Little did I know that the file was going to be enormous. I ended up with 5GB! At the end, since a Tiff-file cannot be larger then 4GB, I had to devide my file into 3 pieces and save them separately. I think the result is really nice though. Soon I am going to shoot the interior....

-- Vincent

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