domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Trip to Uganda, post 3, Portraits

Below are a series of portraits made during my trip to Uganda. My experience was that people generally like to have their picture taken. Very often they would look directly into the camera with quite a serious expression. Perfect for a portrait photographer!

Girl, Kumi.
This was the daughter of one of the families we stayed with. She was sitting right at the corner of the building with low morning sun. She waited patiently for me to run back to the house to get a 80mm lens.

Men with bicycles, Soroti.

Mother, taken at her home between Kumi and Mbale.

Mother with family and local children, taken at their home between Kumi and Mbale.

Children, taken at their home between Kumi and Mbale

Photographic Studio, Soroti.

Women, Kapiri.

Children, Soroti.

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